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Aesthetics & Dermatology by Aesthederm


Field of Dermatosurgery interaction are benign and malignant changes of the skin, nails, hairs. Today, the specialist’s choice includes a wide range of interventions – ranging from classical surgical incision to the most advanced, laser surgery.

The operation theatre of “Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov performs surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors, cysts, corrections of nail diseases, etc.

Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov performs procedures in compliance with all the aseptic and antiseptic treatment rules, they do not require a prolonged stay in the clinic, and patients are to follow-up screening examinations several weeks after the intervention.
The surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia, they are traumatic and the plastic sutures allow the healing of the defect without residual scars.“Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov highly qualified and experienced specialists will offer the most appropriate method for Dermatosurgery for your case.Разгледайте предлаганите Дерматохирургични услуги от „Estetics & Dermatology

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