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about Dermatovenereology

Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov has a team experienced specialists in the field of Dermatovenereology, skilled with all modalities for modern diagnosis and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases.

fasIn “Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov offers dermatological and venerological examinations and counseling in a scheduled consultation.

In the field of Dermatovenereology, “Estetics & Dermatology” Clinic by Dr. Doncho Etugov offers the following procedures and examinations:

– Taking samples for fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and mucous membranes
– Blood collection for a serological examination of venereal diseases
– Dermatoscopic examination of the entire spectrum of pigments and vascular disorders
– Conservative and instrumental wound healing
– Laser and instrumental elimination of condylomas, seborrheic warts, fibroids, etc.


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