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“We, the southern nations, tend to stumble into large forms, and in post-totalitarian societies this is especially pronounced,” said the dermatologist in The Spirit of Health.

Dr. Doncho Etugov is a guest on “Before noon” (bTV). In the column “The Spirit of Health” he commented with Dr. Nedelya Shtonova on the complications after aesthetic procedures. Here is what he shared:

One builds one’s dependence on every positive experience, such as the aesthetic procedure. However, beautification is often a compensatory reaction to an unexperienced problem, such as a love affair, and people want procedures they don’t need. Here the therapist must stop them.

Complications after aesthetic procedures are three groups depending on the cause that caused them:

  • low-skilled therapist
  • substandard products, unlicensed, of unknown origin
  • incorrect behavior of the patient after the procedure

One of the most severe consequences is for the patient to go blind after dermal fillers are placed when the injected product enters the vascular system. The office should always have an emergency cabinet with decomposing products, warm compresses and everything else for a quick response.

In this photo you can see the burns from laser hair removal with a device that does not meet the standards (see in the video – ed. Note).

“We southern nations tend to stumble into large forms, and this is particularly pronounced in post-totalitarian societies.

Even at international medical congresses there is talk of “Bulgarian lips”. It’s a compensatory reaction again. “

Communication with the patient is very important. Doctors should study the psychology of communication. If the patient’s wishes do not match our views, we should try to educate him.

See the full interview here

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